AI Twin for your operation

We deploy secure, resilient and scalable foundational systems that power industrial infrastructure.

Smart Agriculture

Monitor and control your entire farm

Smart Energy

Data-driven energy infrastructure

Smart Logistics

End-to-end fleet and asset tracking

Smart Recycling

Optimize your recycling operation

Build the industry of tomorrow.

We help businesses build data-driven end-to-end IoT applications across a wide spectrum of industries and use cases.

Zero Carbon Farms
European Space Agency (ESA)

AI Assistant

Use our AI Assistant to accurately diagnose system faults, anticipate operational challenges, and streamline data workflows, with optimal control over your machinery and equipment.

  • Root-cause analysis

  • Contextual insights

  • Predictive alerting

Monitor everything.

Collect events, measurements, or tracking data from any device and easily visualize graphs in a way that best adapts to the needs of your operation.

  • Realtime monitoring

  • Historical data access

  • Customizable dashboard

Actionable insights.

Analyze the collected historical and realtime data to detect patterns and set up alerts that can help you boost the performance of your operation.

  • Pattern detection

  • Performance reports

  • Notifications for important events

Automate, automate.

Define flexible scheduling and automation rules based on inputs from any device to precisely control the connected equipment and machines.

  • Conditional automation

  • Scheduling of control commands

  • Offline execution

Hyper was able to integrate nine different data streams from horticultural parameter sensors in a matter of just a few weeks. Allowed us to completely consolidate our data platform into one for the first time. Their support and speed of execution is exemplary and I could not recommend them more.

Jakob Thomas

Chief Information Officer

Hyper's integrated data platform provides us an efficient and secure system for our Digital Twin, thus enabling easy data curation and management.

Dr Ruchi Choudhary

Data-Centric Engineering Group Leader

Hyper's platform is a simple but powerful way for us to collect data from our farm. By outsourcing the farm-to-cloud pipeline, we've been able to focus on the challenges that matter to us; making use of that data in our data warehouse to actually growing our crops.

Brendan Cawley

Chief Technology Officer

Why businesses use Hyper.

Fastest time to market

With Hyper's platform your can focus on optimizing your operations and delivering value to your customers instead of building a custom and costly low-level infrastructure.

Scales with your needs

Our platform scales from small prototypes to large-scale industrial applications while keeping excellent performance and high reliability.

One platform to rule them all

Our system integrates with any external service or equipment helping you centralize access to all of your data and setup ubiquitous automation.

Integrate with any technology.

Publish data using any protocol or format that suits your requirements and setup data integrations with dozens of services.

Start digitalizing
your operation today.

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