Sensor analytics and automation platform for sustainable agriculture.

Focus on growing plants, not building infrastructure.

Use our data and automation platform for indoor farms to increase yield and reduce operational costs by getting access to crop growth metrics and optimized climate crop profiles without a dedicated engineering team.

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Monitoring everything

Battery-powered wireless realtime sensors integrate perfectly into your farm. If something is important to keep your crops healthy, we'll monitor it and report it in our dashboard.

Get notified

Our smart sensor monitoring system detects patterns in the environment and allows you to set up alerts to get notified before things go out of control.

Automate, automate

The collected data is used to automatically adjust the environment to match the needs of your crops. Set up custom schedules to water your plants or activate air flow, or let the system do that for you!


Our system operates off-line without depending on the internet connectivity for highest reliability. The data is periodically synchronised to a cloud service for easy remote access.

Actionable insights

With enough data we can predict what will happen to your crops. Want to know when they are ready to harvest? Are they at risk of pest contamination or diseases? We'll keep you informed.

Build on top

Every functionality in the product is programmable and extensible - it's a platform. Your technical team can integrate your existing software and hardware with our platform.

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