Monitor and control your entire farm.

Use our data and automation platform to increase yield and reduce operational costs by getting access to unified climate and crop growth metrics.


Embrace the digital agriculture.

A single platform for all your data

Unify the data from multiple sensor monitoring systems in a single place to help you optimize reporting and save money on subscription costs from multiple providers.

Lower your energy bill

Our high-resolution energy monitoring solution can help you optimize and automate energy consumption patterns for lighting and heating systems in your farm.

Detect problems early

Set up thresholds for deviations in the climate and growing conditions of your crops. Detect low nutrient levels, insufficient light exposure, or abnormal temperature and humidity distribution in your farm.


Crop Vision

AI-powered computer vision system that always keeps an eye on the health of your crops and helps you detect anomalies early.

  • Hyperspectral crop segmentation.

  • Crop growth rate tracking and yield forecast.

  • Anomaly detection and alerting.


The last data platform you will need to build your solution.

Connect your infrastructure

Our data platform is extensible and can collect data from any device, like a sensor, machine or controller. Integrate your existing technology infrastructure to precisely monitor your operation in a single place.

Automate anything

Add automation rules to precisely control what and when should be turned on and off based on input readings across your deployment. Control relays, actuators, heaters, lights or any other critical equipment.

Actionable insights

With enough records we can detect and predict recurring patterns in the data. Want to forecast your production throughput? Detect anomalies in the operational conditions? We'll keep you informed.

Offline-first operation

Our system operates offline without depending on the internet connectivity for highest reliability. The data is periodically synchronized to a cloud service for easy remote access.

" was able to integrate nine different data streams from horticultural parameter sensors in a matter of just a few weeks. allowed us to completely consolidate our data platform into one for the first time, which in turn advanced our analytical capabilities and will save us thousands of pounds per year on cloud services. Their support and speed of execution is exemplary and I could not recommend them more."

Jakob Thomas

Chief Information Officer at Zero Carbon Farms

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