Digital Transformation for the Industry

We deploy secure, resilient and scalable foundational systems that power industrial infrastructure. Our fully monitored, optimized and easy to operate solutions increase productivity by leveraging latest AI and IoT innovations.

AI-Powered Data Analytics & Insights

We build cutting-edge AI and Data Processing solutions to help you achieve your ambitious business goals. Integrate robust AI features such as Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Deep Learning and Large Language Models into your processes to achieve peak performance.

Scalable AI Infrastructure

ChatGPT-like Agents

Blazing Fast Dashboards

Insights from Unstructured Data

Our data pipelines are cloud-agnostic and can run on any cloud infrastructure (AWS, GCP, Azure) or in your private datacenters.

Visualize complex data interactions with our simple yet powerful charts tailored for your specific business needs. Our AI-augmented interactive maps allow you to accurately track your assets, plan the best routes, monitor production, and get critical insights into your KPIs.

Integrate data from any source and format whether it is CSV, Parquet, Arrow, ORC or Avro, or even your maintenance logs. Our AI-powered unstructured data ingestion services are able to make any data available and ready for your statistical analyses or machine learning processes. We are able to integrate with a variety of data platforms (Hive, Hadoop, Kafka, Flink, Beam, Spark) and languages (Scala, Python, Julia, R, Java). Our semantic data modelling services can also provide bleeding edge ontology solutions on top of technologies like OWL, RDF, SPARQL, and Virtuoso.

Resilient, Offline-First IoT Solutions that Scale

We excel in designing, deploying and maintaining offline-first IoT systems that can efficiently operate on constrained hardware and work in industrial environments.

Whether you aim to push sensor data from remote locations, build an automation workflow, port your app to different hardware or create an MVP of your embedded product, our highly-skilled team can assist in bringing your ideas to life.

We have built and delivered scalable IoT and embedded solutions that employ Machine Vision, Sensors, Wireless Networks, Over The Air updates, Efficient Power Management and many other capabilities.

Build full-stack IoT apps

Resilient off-line mode

Deploy to constrained devices

Fast MVP prototyping

We have proven expertise in communication technologies and protocols such as OpenThread, Zigbee, WiFi, 3G/4G/5G, NB-IOT, Lora, Satellite, 6LowPAN, CoAP and MQTT. Our embedded solutions target multiple architectures such as x86, MIPS, ARM and RISC-V, and make use of tools like Yocto, Buildroot, OpenWRT, Zephyr RTOS, etc. Additionally, we provide development and integration of solutions using languages like C, C++, Rust, Zig, Nim, Python, Haskell and OCaml.

Digital Twin & Cyber-physical Systems

Unlock unprecedented operational performance and useful insights with industrial strength digitalization solutions. Our AI-augmented Digital Twin solutions allow you to make the transition from legacy control and monitoring systems to reliable standard-compliant connected systems that will reduce costs and downtime.

Our goal is to accelerate your digital transformation, optimize your performance, and future-proof your operations.

Build predictive maintenance and production forecasting capabilities so you can maximize the productivity and lifespan of your assets.
Deploy Quality Assurance & Control mechanisms to ensure your business operations meet the highest standards of compliance.
Process and derive insights from unstructured data, set up automation systems, and develop conversational assistants for technical support.
Deliver offline-first systems that maintain functionality even in challenging network conditions.

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